Training Opportunity: Gemstone exploration and mining (5-16 June 2017), Mzuzu Artisanal Mining Training Centre

Training on Gemstone Exploration and Mining from 5-16 June 2017


Mzuzu Artisanal Mining Training Center aims to build the capacity of Artisanal and Small Scale miners (ASM) in Malawi and improve the mineral Development (Gemstones, construction materials and dimension stones). The program is an initiative of small scale miners of the Northern Region who are members of Gemstone Association of Malawi and Malawi Women in Mining. The training has been financed by TEVETA. Artisanal and Small Scale miners have an important role to play for sustainable development of our country, however, they have not to date received adequate attention for their potential to impact livelihoods; and few development programmes have provided support for this mining sub-sector. Gemstone mining and the ASM can provide crucial inputs for domestic economic development (infrastructure, manufacturing, construction and agriculture to name a few) if utilized to its full potential in the extraction of the natural resources which Malawi as a country has.

The training programme targets 20 young men and women who would like to broaden their knowledge and skills in gemstone mining and during a 10-day period to be held at the training Center in Mzuzu. The training will be non-residential and each participant will meet his/her own food and accommodation.

Detailed outline of the Training Content

Introduction to rocks and minerals

  1. Basic mineral exploration and evaluation
  2. Mining i: breaking ground
  3. Mining ii: open pit mining equipment and operation
  4. Mining iii: mine design-general
  5. Mining iv: mine design, open pit mining
  6. Mining v: mine design, underground mining
  7. Environmental impact of gemstone mining
  8. Field visit to an artisanal mine

Each participant is expected to meet the following for him/her to be considered

  1. Pay K15 000 participation fees
  2. should be able to read and write English
  3. To attend all training sessions in full and actively participate in all activities

Those interested should apply by sending an SMS on the following numbers; 0880381833, 08823427373 or 0888756676. Women and Youths are highly encouraged to apply.


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