Bushiri gold chase…firm linked to Prophet lays ground for Malawi, Dwangwa search – Mining & Trade Review

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Bushiri gold chase

…firm linked to Prophet lays ground for Malawi, Dwangwa search

By Chiku Jere

A company linked to renowned South Africa-based Malawian preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Tushiya Gold Mining, is laying ground to kick-start prospecting work for gold in a tenement South of Dwangwa River.

A search on Malawi Mining Licensing Cadastre Portal run by the Department of Mines in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining shows that a gold and base metals exclusive prospecting licence (EPL0470), whose concession area lies 51.5 square kilometers in Kasungu East, south of Dwangwa River, was granted to Tushiya Gold Mining Company Limited on August 6, 2017 and will expire on August 5, 2020.

Managing Director for Tushiya, Gift Msowoya told Mining & Trade Review that the company, which he owns with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s brother, Otis and another Malawian Gift Master as partners, is currently working on gathering data from previous exploration work conducted in the area before commencing field work.

We are working towards commencing the development of the concession,

said Msowoya.

According to 2012 exploration results by the previous tenement holder, UK firm South East African Mining Exploration (SEAMEX), which involved systematic stream sediments sampling and geological observation, there is proven gold occurrence in the area.

The study found five water courses and identified three targets south of Dwangwa River that were carrying the precious metal with a conspicuous cluster of positive results for gold occurrence being noted around Kadyalumba Hill, where gold was thought to be derived from quartz stringers in the gneisses and in proximity to felsite dykes.

Occurrence of alluvial gold in the drainage of south side of the Dwangwa River was initially reported by the British South Africa Company (BSAC) in the 1930s, which found out that two types of lode of gold (quartz stringers and ferruginous) could be panned out of the stream sediments samples over a wide area.

The area lies within the Mozambican orogenic belt and has metamorphic rock on the Precambrian to the Paleozoic ages.

The involvement of Tushiya in Malawi’s mining sector confirms the growing interest by Malawians to invest in the medium to large scale mining industry, which has all along been dominated by foreigners.

However, Mining & Trade Review could not directly establish whether Prophet Bushiri who is popularly known as ‘Major 1’ is a silent partner in the investment as Ephraim Nyondo, the prophet’s spokesperson, did not respond to our e-mailed questionnaire.

But one thing that connects the ‘Miracle Money’ pastor to the Dwangwa gold licence is the name ‘Tushiya’ itself as ‘Tushiya Annointing’, which translates to ‘Unleashing the Hidden Wisdom’, is the title of one of the 17 books the flamboyant ‘man of God’ has published which describes God’s wisdom as a treasure that one must seek before   thinking of deluding wealth.

The book enlightens readers that one can access God’s wisdom; prosper and excel in all his endeavours.

Msowoya acknowledges to have derived the name of the company from this book, explaining that his company is driven by a set of principles promoted in the book, whose message is basically influenced by a biblical story of Solomon who, of all things, preferably asked God for wisdom, instead of wealth.

Otis Bushiri, who also uses ‘Reverend’ or ‘Prophet’ titles on social media, runs a considerably well-followed Facebook page called ‘Billionaire Coach’ which discusses inspirational and motivational business and financial tips.

The elder Bushiri who on his Twitter-Handle describes himself as a ‘life coach, renowned business leader, motivational speaker and best-selling author, is president and founder of Rich Mind Company which was launched in Malawi last year (2017) at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe with the aim – ‘to spearhead the bridging of the gap in financial management that the country’s education system has failed to tackle’.

In his speech at the event, Bushiri noted that many Africans are poor not because they deserve it but because of failure to manage their financial and natural resources.

Otis said his company, Rich Mind, will ensure that Malawians have access to financial management skills, by among other ways, hosting educational financial summits and organizing public lectures in the country’s universities and colleges.

He also pledged to provide flexible low interest-rate loans to those that do not have financial capabilities but have the ability to craft workable business ideas.

Director for Mines Department Jalf Salima expressed ignorance of Bushiri’s interest in Malawi’s mineral sector but said the Prophet just like anybody else is welcome to apply for a prospecting or mining licence in Malawi.

Take note that Prophet Bushiri has every right to apply for a mineral tenement and have his application scrutinised just like any other applicant,

said Salima.

Prophet Bushiri, an entrepreneur said to own multiple entities under the Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI), six years ago launched SBI Ltd., a global investment company which was duly incorporated under the Company Laws of the Republic of South Africa 2015.

The ECG charismatic leader has never hidden his interest in mining as last year he launched SB Mining (SBM) Limited Company in neighbouring Zambia, where he partnered Ndola-based Malabwe Mines as a major shareholder in a mine valued at USD$1.2billion, which produces several minerals including emeralds.

201805 Malawi Mining & Trade Review Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Malabwe Mine

Some of the said SBI entities include SB Airways, a private jets charter company at Lanseria Airport in South Africa, SB Hotels in Mauritius and South Africa, SB Telecommunication (PSB mobile network) in South Africa, SB Beverages, SB Mining which owns gold mines across Africa, oil and gas companies in different African countries, as well as several other companies in Dubai, Ethiopia and Cyprus.

Bushiri’s notable investments in Malawi include Rainbow TV Channel and a reported purchase of a K15billion worth elegant building in Malawi’s Capital City Lilongwe, opposite Crossroads Hotel, which he intends to turn into a luxury hotel.


This piece was initially published in Malawi’s Mining & Trade Review Issue Number 61 (May 2018).

The full edition is available for download here. This monthly publication is edited by Marcel Chimwala.



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