Introducing Malawi’s Nyasa Mining Cooperative

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Introducing Malawi’s Nyasa Mining Cooperative

By Mathews Mughogho and Percy Maleta

The idea of forming Nyasa Mining Cooperative Society Limited, was born from a WhatsApp chat group called Gemstones Gallery, it encompasses individuals who are in the mining industry, as miners, brokers, traders, etc. The inception was in February 2016 when a draft Constitution was adopted and interim committee was nominated.

In April 2016, as per the rules of Malawi requirement to register a cooperative, we underwent a week long training, facilitated by Ministry of Industry, Trade & Tourism who are also the Registrar of Cooperatives.  We then amended the Constitution to be in line with what we had learned from the training and drafted By-Laws to govern the cooperative.

Nyasa Mining Cooperative Society Limited was registered with Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism on 7 June 2016. The cooperative was established after members identified common needs in the mining industry for small scale miners and traders, which included mining, marketing and value addition.

Nyasa Mining Cooperative has a membership of 22 persons, with a collective experience of small-scale mining and mineral trading of over 10 years in Malawi. Malawi has huge and vast deposits of gemstones, minerals and also is a source of handicrafts. However these natural resources have not been exposed to the international market. Nyasa Mining Cooperative therefore strongly believes that showcasing the gemstones, minerals and handicrafts as cooperative have a better impact on society than individual persons.

Nyasa Mining Cooperative second year focuses on:

  1. Production (identifying a productive mine/s, both gemstones and developmental stones)
  2. Fully functioning office complete with lapidary services and showroom
  3. Be a reliable market centre for all local gemstones traders and international buyers.


Nyasa Mining Cooperative Society Limited has an open door policy, every interested individual is allowed and welcome to join after meeting the minimum requirements, these are:

√ Interest/passion in the industry

√ Payment of registration fee (MK10,000), share (MK20,000), annual contribution (MK60,000)

√ Attend meetings; participate in all group activities, share ideas to advance the cooperative.

Nyasa Mining Cooperative is a year old and has participated in two local and two international forums/fairs:

  1. Cooperative Day @ Kamuzu Institute for Youth.
  2. Malawi Investment Forum @ Bingu International Conference Centre
  3. SMEs International Expo in Zimbabwe
  4. Beijing Jewelry Show in China.


  1. Rock & Gem show in UK – November 2017
  2. Tucson Arizona in USA – January/February 2018
  3. Arusha Gem show in Tanzania – April/May 2018
  4. Denver Gem Show in USA – August/September 2018

Nyasa Mining Cooperative works very closely with Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Department of Mines.


The Chairperson

PO Box 3411, Lilongwe

Malawi, Central Africa

Phone +265881355000


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Nyasa Mining Cooperative


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