Training: Understanding the petroleum sector (Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe, 18-22 September 2017)

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Next week, SacOil Holdings Limited will hold a 5-day training at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe to help stakeholders better understand the petroleum sector.

SacOil Country Representatives Hilton Banda and Josephine Muruwesi (Akatswiri Mineral Resources) confirmed the capacity building programme and said

the training will cover geology and geophysics in the oil and gas industry, upstream value creation, and field development economics. And it will be practical.

SacOil valuesSacOil, dual listed on the Johanesburg Stock Exchange and London’s AIM, holds an exclusive prospecting licence for petroleum block 1 in northern Malawi. The company was awarded the 12,265 square kilometre block in December 2012.

SacOil completed an environmental risk screening study with Golder Associates in 2014 to determine areas to avoid/eliminate based on biophysical, social, environmental and technical characteristics. The company put oil exploration on hold in November 2014 due to the government’s review of licences and agreements, but was given permission to resume exploration in July 2015 (all other licences and agreements held by other companies remained under review until 2016).

SacOil believes that elements of a petroleum system are present in the block following geological and geophysical data review. SacOil is now defining targets for testing.

If you are interested in attending, please contact SacOil Country Representative Hilton Banda on [email protected] or +265999168875.



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