Book launch: ‘Lake Malawi: The Coming Disaster’ 3 and 23 February #oil


  • Launch today at La Caverna, top Mandala, 3:15pm to 4:15pm
  • Launch on 23 February in Lilongwe, organised by WESM (more details to follow)

Press Briefing from Godfrey Mfiti, Executive Director of Institute of Sustainable Development

LAKE MALAWI: The Coming Disaster (ISBN: 978 1788 08 6554)

Lake Malawi is a fresh water lake in the Africa great Lakes region. It is rich in biodiversity with over 800 species of cichlids. It supports major populations as source of drinking water, fisheries, livelihood, agriculture and tourism among the many benefits. Part of this lake due to its scenic beauty and outstanding universal values is a World Heritage Site.

Since 2011, Lake Malawi is being explored for oil. However, the Lake’s ecosystem is faced with several drivers of change. Overfishing, Climate Change, Unsustainable economic activities, Industrial pollution and sedimentation from agricultural activities forms part of the problems.

A clear outline of the impending disaster in view of the current challenges is outlined to caution policy makers and stakeholders to take action.

The book depicts critical challenges of oil exploration and drilling in a fresh water lake. Lake Malawi is unique having one outlet and low flashing power. Any pollution in this lake is detrimental to survival of the wildlife and availability of fresh water from this lake.

A critical analysis is thus provided to guide decision makers.

The book calls upon Malawi Government to balance conservation of Lake Malawi and economic development.

The author traveled extensively across the lake shore districts in Malawi for public consultations, series of meetings and public lecturers to gain local people’s opinion.

About the Author:

Godfrey Mfiti is a renowned author and Environmental Rights Activist .He has been campaigning and promoting conservation of Lake Malawi and the world heritage site.

He is a member of Africa Coalition on Corporate Accountability (ACCA). A member of the World Mountain Forum Partnership based at Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome Italy. He represents Malawi in the Africa Great Lakes Region technical committee based in Kigali, Rwanda at the Albertine Rift Valley Conservation Network (ARCOS). Mr Godfrey Mfiti also heads a local think tank NGO in Malawi called Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD) as a lead Consultant and Director.


4 responses to “Book launch: ‘Lake Malawi: The Coming Disaster’ 3 and 23 February #oil

  1. Precious plants and fish species which took millions of years in the making, will neither be replaced at any price, nor can we afford to reduce them to the value of oil or gas.

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