Malawi-focussed exploration company Mkango Resources shares CSR highlights [Video]

MKANGO from LensBear Productions on Vimeo.

Mkango Resources, an exploration company prospecting in Phalombe and Mwanza in Malawi, has released a film highlighting its corporate social responsibility programmes around Songwe Hill Rare Earth Project.

Alexander Lemon, President of Mkango said that

One of Mkango’s core principles is to ensure that there will be poverty reduction, improved education and empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups within the communities that we work in. Therefore, it is important for us to implement meaningful, sustainable and successful social responsibility programmes commensurate with the stage of exploration and development.

As it explores for rare earths in Phalombe District, Mkango has focused on “sustainable development aimed at reducing poverty and hunger” through enhancing education, providing agricultural expertise and modern seed types. The company has also sponsored inter-community social and cultural events.

Most recent activities include the construction of a new bridge linking a number of communities together, classroom painting in collaboration with Malawian organisation boNGO Worldwide, community netball and football competitions and refurbishment of water boreholes.

Mkango Resources was given a thumbs up in a 2016 study on corporate social responsibility activities in the mining sector, especially because it is only in the exploratory stage.

There is no legislation in Malawi that governs corporate social responsibility. However, with the upcoming tabling of the Mines and Minerals Bill, which is set to update the 1981 legislation, mining companies will likely be required to enter community development agreements.

Geological prospects for Mkango activities look promising. Yesterday (12 July 2016) the company announced that the results of the World Bank and European Union financed airborne geophysical survey (250m spacing) confirm that significant radiometric and magnetic anomalies in the Thambani prospecting licence. For more information, see their announcement.

William Dawes, Chief Executive of Mkango, said that:

We are very excited with the results of the airborne survey, which further confirms significant potential for uranium, niobium, tantalum and other minerals in the Thambani licence. This area benefits from good infrastructure, including roads, power and a new railway line passing through the south of the licence area. To date, the market has yet to recognize Thambani’s potential and we continue to look at opportunities to maximise value.

Review of airborne data covering Mkango’s other exploration licence in Malawi, the Phalombe licence, is underway and we will be updating the market on the results in due course.



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  1. My question is why should comp anies be responsible for villages around a mining company isn’t that government running away from ressponsibilities

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