Debate on Oil and Gas Exploration in Malawi’s Lake and Land [Audio]

On Wednesday 29 June, the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) organised a live radio debate on oil and gas exploration in Malawi. The discussion was held at Hotel Victoria, Blantyre.

Times Radio broadcast the debate live, moderated by Brian Banda, and the five panelists were Peter Banda (Department of Irrigation), Rafiq Hajat (Institute for Policy Interaction), Godfrey Mfiti (Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Development), Dyson Moses (Chancellor College, University of Malawi), and Cynthia Simkonda (CEPA).

The audio (with some gaps) can be listened to below. Better audio is currently being sought. The audio starts with Peter Banda sharing his perspectives on oil and gas exploration.

The debate was held as a follow up to the two press releases published the week before by the Natural Resources Justice Network and Publish What You Pay Malawi -“Unanswered Questions Remain Unanswered on Oil and Gas Exploration in Malawi’s Lake and Land” and “Malawi’s Fiscal Regime – Have We Been Consulted?

Apologies for the confusing communication over which station the debate would be aired on; state broadcaster MBC Radio 2 decided not to air the debate several hours before it was set to start on the grounds that there were technical challenges with equipment. Instead Times Radio moderated and aired the debate. Nonetheless, MBC have since reported on the debate: “Oil exploration on Lake MW is crucial – Govt“.


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