Extractives in Malawi’s First Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

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Malawi joined the Open Government Partnership in 2013. This ‘reflects Malawi’s commitment to improve and strengthen is democracy and good governance’ according to the National Action Plan (2016-2018). The first plan has been developed three years after the initial government declaration was made in 2013 by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ephraim Chiume.

The OGP, launched in 2011 by governments from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States,

aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

Today there in total 69 OGP countries with over 2,250 commitments.

Malawi’s National Action Plan contains five commitments:

  1. Freedom of Information
  2. Citizen Participation
  3. National Integrity System and Fight Against Corruption
  4. Public Sector Reforms and Public Service Delivery
  5. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

See below for commitments made by the Government to implementing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) with the main objective as

to ensure transparency and accountability in the collection and management of revenue from the extractive industry sector and natural resources in Malawi.

Commitment 5 on the EITI will likely be realised, hopefully with the intended impact, given the support from the highest office and the progress made to date. As with all initiatives on transparency and accountability, however, its effectiveness lies with the duty bearers who can implement the process, take on board recommendations and make the necessary changes.

Name and number of the Commitment: No 5:  Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative-(EITI)
Lead implementing agency Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
Name of responsible person

from implementing agency

Secretary to the Treasury- Dr Mangani
Title, Department Revenue Division
Email [email protected]

[email protected]

Phone +265 1 789 355



Government Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Office of the President and Cabinet-(OPC, Malawi Revenue Authority-(MRA),and Reserve Bank of Malawi and other government, ministries and agencies
CSOs, private

Sector, Reserve Bank of Malawi and Multi-stakeholder Group

Citizens for Justice-(CFJ), Action Aid, Council for Non-Governmental Organizations of Malawi- (CONGOMA). Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace-(CCJP), Institute for Policy Interaction-(IPI), Foundation for Community Support Services-(FOCUS), Paladin Energy Ltd, Mkango Resources Limited and Globe Metals Ltd, Shayona Cement Limited, [Bwanje Cement],  and Malawi Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Status quo or problem/issue

to be addressed

Improving transparency and accountability and following the money from the extractive industry-(Mining, Oil and Gas) sector
Main Objective To ensure transparency and accountability in the collection and management of revenue from the extractive industry sector and natural resources in Malawi
Brief Description of


(140 character limit)

The extractive industry sector and natural resources has been associated with a curse instead of a blessing for a lot of African countries and thus partly because of lack of transparency in the sector. To make sure that revenue from the industry contributes to sustainable development, there is need for a tool that tracks revenue collection and where such revenue goes. EITI is such a tool as it provides information to different stakeholders and citizens. Availability of information on revenue transparency will help citizens appreciate how much money the government receives from the sector and how that money contributes to national budget and translating to service delivery.
OGP challenge addressed

by the commitment

Open contracts and revenue transparency in the extractive industry sector
Briefly describe the

intended results of the

commitment and how it will

either make government

more open or improve

government through more


Make all rules and regulations for natural resource licenses and concessions available in a public database. This will also involve harmonizing with other laws like the taxation Act, freedom of information and Reviewing of the mineral legislation

Publish timely, comprehensive reports on oil, gas and mining operations, including detailed revenue and contracts which government has entered with the industry.

Verifiable and measurable milestones to

fulfill the commitment

New or ongoing commitment Start Date: End Date:
Establishment of the Multi-stake holder Grouping Already done    
Submission of EITI application Submitted in July, 2015    
Establishing the EITI secretariat On-going October, 2015  
Recruitment of staff to work at the secretariat




October, 2015



The National Action Plan can be downloaded here. The Point of Contact for OGP in Malawi is Wezi Kayira the Principal Secretary for Good Governance Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

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