Jobs (3): Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative National Secretariat

The Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) National Secretariat is recruiting a Technical Expert and Manager, a Communications and Engagement Officer, and an Accountant. The job descriptions are copied below with full information on contact information. The deadline for applicants is Thursday 24 March at midday.

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REF.No. MWEITI/SEC/2016/04/P1

Duration of the Job: 12 Months, subject to renewal

The Government of Malawi with support from its Development Partners isurgently recruiting a National Technical Expert and Manager to run and implement Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MWEITI). The position is based at Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Revenue Policy Division, Capital Hill, Lilongwe.

The National Technical Expert and Manager position offers an opportunity to professionally produce various technical instruments, briefs, develop secretariat reports, manage day-to-day secretariat affairs,work with civil societyorganisations, private sector and government involved in the extractive industries and manage the organisation of meetings and workshops.. The job offers an international and vibrant working environment helping Malawian citizens to benefit from revenues collected from their natural resources and to work on subjects at the cutting edge of development and the extractive industries.

The National Technical Expert and Manager takes responsibility to work with different stakeholders on MWEITI related activities and lead in development of work plan and other related strategic documents as directed by the MWEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG). The Technical Expert and Manager will directly support the work of a National Coordinator and MSG and will be involved with both secretariat administrative and operations activities. They will take a central role inplanning for the secretariat and monitoring and evaluating the progress and all activities of the secretariat on a regular basis.

The individual is expected to be technically competent and experienced on the extractive industries, creative and hard working. They should be a quick-learner and self-motivated, and able to provide sound advice on EITI-related matters and to meet deadline. Knowledge and experience of government systems, revenue management, and the mining sector in Malawi is crucial while experience working with diverse stakeholders is desirable.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Be responsible for carrying out and managing day-to-day technical operations of the MWEITI.
  2. Data mobilisation for EITI reports and for other purposes.
  3. Prepare for MSG meetings and keep minutes.
  4. Under the direction of the MSG, develop and maintain policies and procedures required for effective and transparent implementation of the EITI.
  5. Organise EITI workshops.
  6. Disseminate EITI information.
  7. Prepare costed work plans and budgets for MWEITI for approval by the MSG.
  8. Prepare reports on the implementation of EITI.
  9. Participate in the solicitation of external financial and other assistance on behalf of MWEITI.
  10. Subject to the approval of the MSG, procure the services of the Independent Administrator/Reconciler for the purpose of undertaking reconciliation, audit and investigation.
  11. Assist the Validator obtain required information.
  12. Prepare financial and technical reports for MWEITI.
  13. Advise the Coordinator on MWEITI issues.
  14. Recommend to MSG on action to be taken on EITI issues.
  15. Provide technical insight and advice to the MSG on the extractive industries with a focus on EITI.
  16. Attend workshops and meetings as approved by MSG.
  17. Draft speeches, statements and presentations on MWEITI.
  18. Take any other actions necessary for achieving the objectives of MWEITI.

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum Master’s Degree in Economics, Natural Resources Management or other related field
  • At least five (5) years’ experience with government, companies, civil society organisation, or development agencies dealing with transparency initiative.
  • A sound and practical knowledge of government revenue policy, private sector, energy and natural resources management, and project management.
  • Ability to work flexibly and openly with a wide range of team members, while retaining the ability to act independently.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English. Other languages are an advantage.



REF.No. MWEITI/SEC/2016/04/P2

Duration of the Job: 12 Months, subject to renewal

The Malawi Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) is urgently recruiting a Communication and Engagement Officer to be part of the National Secretariat office.

The position offers the chance to lead communications assignments in a transparent working environment helping citizens of Malawi benefit from the natural resources and to work on subjects that relate to social development and the extractive industries.

The Communications and Engagement Officer takes responsibility for overall implementation and production of the MWEITI communications. This involves developing the strategic MWEITI core messages, raising public awareness around natural resources governance, strengthening existing and developing new forms of engagement for diverse audiences. The position includes editorial responsibilities for web, publications and media.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement EITI’s communication strategy to raise public awareness around the MWEITI and natural resources governance.
  2. Oversee and implement the strategic direction of the EITI’s communication through differentincluding its website, social media and publications.
  3. Provide strategic direction to maximise media coverage, produce media releases and develop media contacts.
  4. Develop and monitor progress against key performance indicators for communications.
  5. Work closely with communication officers/directors and managers from partner organisations.
  6. Be responsible for developing various relevant feedback mechanisms to ensure that EITI is an effective national debate.
  7. Work closely with EITI National Coordinator and Technical Expert on key messages and stories from different MWEITI activities and on duties assigned from time to time.

Required Qualifications

  1. University Degree in Communications or Journalism or related field
  2. At least five (5) years’ working experience in communications, public relations and/or advocacy in field related to government, company, civil society organization, or a development agency or Media Institutions.
  3. Familiarity with the extractive resources sector and anti-corruption work with sound knowledge of sustainable development and public finance.
  4. Proven writing experience for external communications.
  5. Proven ability to develop key messages, in particular regarding development impact.
  6. Proven record of increasing understanding and discussion around key developmental issues.
  7. Experience engaging with diverse stakeholders.
  8. At minimum, must be competent user of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher with desired skills in Adobe Creative Suite or other similar publishing packages.
  9. Desirable skills include: website management, graphic design, editing, and photography.
  10. Ability to work flexibility and openly with a wide range of team members, while retaining the ability to act independently.
  11. Excellent command of written and spoken English and knowledge of various local languages will be an added advantage.

NOTE: In applying for this position, ensure that you provide at least two samples of your written work and a couple of samples – where they exist – of graphic design/publications developed and/or websites that you have managed.




Duration of the Job: 12 Months, subject to renewal

The MWEITI is urgently recruiting a Project Accountant responsible for budget management and planning, developing MWEITI’s office financial procedures including systems for the project management and control. This is a new project position in a new project reporting direct to the National Coordinator of the Secretariat. Being a donor supported project and a transparency initiative, the position requires a good understanding of similar donor related projects and a self-disciplined person.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Budget planning, management and putting financial controls in place.
  2. Financial management and internal control.
  3. Cash and wage management.
  4. Periodic internal and external reporting.
  5. Improvement of financial procedures.
  6. Any other duties that may be assigned.

Required Qualifications

  1. Minimum Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Government recognised University or institutions. Additional ACCA qualifications are desirable.
  2. Good Microsoft Excel Presentation and Computer Skills.
  3. Ability to work flexibly and openly with a wide range of team office members and the MSG.
  4. Project management experience.
  5. Demonstrated writing and analytical skills.
  6. Team worker with minimum supervision.
  7. Knowledge of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).
  8. Minimum five(5) years’ experience in a similar related capacity.

A competitive salary will be offered to successful candidates.

Please note that the initial duration for all the contracts is 12 months. Most importantly  the applicant should be aware that the interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be conducted within two to three weeks’ time from the date of first vacancy announcement.

Please also note the above additional request for writing and publishing examples for applications for the Communications and Engagement Officer.

How to apply

Preferably send your application by email with your cover letter and CV with three traceable referees to the National Coordinator, MWEITI Secretariat, Mr George Harawa,[email protected], copy to: [email protected] and [email protected] with the name of the post applying for such as “The Communications and Engagement Officer” no later than 12:00 Midday, Thursday 24thMarch 2016.

Further inquiries can be directed to Mrs Rachel Etter-Phoya through [email protected].

Or by hand or post to:

The National Coordinator, MWEITI Secretariat, Revenue Policy Division, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, P.O. Box 30049, Capital Hill, Lilongwe 3.

The MSG Chairperson, MWEITI Secretariat, Revenue Policy Division, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development


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