Key Documents

On this page, we have collected the main documents used in legislation and regulation in Malawi’s mining sector. This page will be updated to provide you with the latest information. If you have other sources to contribute, please contact us.

Also visit the Government’s websites: and

The Department of Mines is on LinkedIn.


Environmental Management Act (2017)

Taxation Amendment Act (mining fiscal regime), (2016)

Malawi Mines and Minerals Act (1981)

Mine (Safety) Regulations (1981)

Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act (1983)

Petroleum Exploration Production Act Regulations (2009)

Petroleum Exploration Production Act Regulations (1984)

Policy Documents

Malawi Mines & Minerals Policy (2013)

Mines & Minerals Policy (2007)

Malawi’s 18-month Economic Recovery Plan (2012)

National Export Strategy (2013-2018) annexes including Vol. 3 Support Plan for Mining

Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III (2017-2022)

Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II( 2011-2016)


Constitution of the Republic of Malawi (1994)

Annual Economic Report 2018

Annual Economic Report 2017

Annual Economic Report 2016

Doing Business in Malawi

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe. (December 2014). Doing Business in Malawi.

Malawi Investment and Trade Centre. (2014). Investment Projects 2014.


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  2. I would like to have a full list of Mining Companies in Malawi, their email addresses and their locations. This is with regard that we have satellite telecommunications solutions (phones, data terminals for broadband, etc, airtime for Thuraya and Inmarsat networks) – which are mostly used by the mining industry. We are here in Malawi and you can visit our websites: and
    Please, email me the list to: [email protected] or call me on 0882901153

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