Event: CEPA to launch report on review of Malawi’s implementation of mining policy (11 August, Lilongwe)

Tomorrow, 11 August 2015, the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) will share the results from an assessment of the implementation of Malawi’s current regulatory and legal framework for mining. The launch of the publication will take place at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe from 08.30 to 12.30.

Through the Assessment, CEPA seeks to understand the extent to which ongoing mining activities comply with the existing regulatory framework. According to CEPA, this is vital because although the review of policy and legislative processes is underway, issuance of licenses and mining activities have not been suspended. CEPA hopes that the report will generate evidence for policy advocacy towards effective policy development and implementation in the mining sector.

The report argues that

The existing legal framework is relatively being complied with although weaknesses have been identified in complying with local participation, community engagement and collaboration with institutions of higher learning.

Other countries such as Zambia and South Africa have undertaken best practices in implementation through use of local content in providing services to the mining industry.  Local participation in the mining industry has been enhanced through community engagement, economic empowerment and allowing small scale miners to use beneficiation plants belonging to medium and large scale mining companies.

There exist opportunities for Malawi to improve on social responsibility, local content use through contracts and provision of supplies to mines as is the case with Kayelekera Uranium Mine.

Some of the key constraints in implementing policy and legal framework in Malawi, according to the report, are the

  • lack of strong manufacturing industries that can support the mining industry;
  • lack of school of mines to train Malawians to participate fully in the mining sector; and
  • inadequate institutional capacity in enforcing compliance on environmental sustainability and work place occupational health and safety.

Consultants Grain Malunga and Welton Phalira produced the report to be launched tomorrow. We hope to obtain an electronic version to share after the launch.

This activity falls under CEPA’s two-year project “Strengthening Mining Governance in Malawi, which is funded through the Tilitonse Fund.


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