Event: Panel Discussion on Emerging Issues in Malawi’s Extractive Industries (28 Sept 2017, Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe)

Oxfam Malawi is hosting a panel discussion on emerging issues in Malawi’s extractive industries this Thursday evening from 6 to 9pm at Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe. It will be aired on Zodiak Broadcasting Station.

More information below from Oxfam.


Malawians have recently experienced a number of developments in the Extractive sector. In July, this year, Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) Secretariat launched the first ever Malawi’s EITI report. The report presents the payments companies have made to government, and the government declares how much it has indeed received from companies in form of loyalties and other taxes. The report further revealed which companies did and did not comply to the EITI reporting process. The production of the EITI report is a positive step towards promoting transparency and accountability in Malawi.

As a way of ensuring that Malawi is able to negotiate better deals in the Extractive sector in Malawi, Oxfam conducted an analysis on Oil and Gas which criticised the terms of the signed petroleum Sharing Agreement and the state in which the contracts were signed. The government through the ministry responsible for mining indicated that the signed contracts are under renegotiation. However up to date the status of the renegotiation is not known to the public.

It is against this background that Oxfam in Malawi through the Natural Resources Justice Network (NRJN) and the publish what you pay (PWYP) Malawi Chapter have organised a round table discussion to discuss the two major steps taken by the government. The discussion will give a platform for the policy makers to explain to Malawians the efforts the government is making to promote sustainable extraction of the natural resources so that it turns into development, on the other hand it will also give a platform for citizens to express their concerns in terms of transparency and accountability in the EI sector and how these fears can be managed.


  1. Hon Grain Malunga – Presentation of the summary EITI report
  2. Davie Khonje- Malawi Revenue Authority – How prepared was Malawi in terms of data collection and reconciliation of EITI
  3. Moses Mkandawire – Chairperson PWYP – What is the CSOs take on the recent developments in EI
  4. Cassius Chiwambo, Ministry of Mines – What is Malawi’s roadmap on Oil and Gas Developments
  5. Dean Lungu, Chamber of Mines – How are the recent developments affecting the private sector?
  6. Mr Charles Kaphwiyo, Independent Analyst – What does Malawi need to do to transform the resources into development

Moderator: The session will be moderated by Owen Lupeska, ZBS. The panel discussion to be aired on ZBS for 2 hours


MSG – EITI, Members of Parliament, NRJN, PWYP, Donors, Journalists, General Public


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