Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board Approves Malawi’s Application to Join Global Transparency Initiative

MW-EITI Logo (designed by Rachel Etter)

Just a two hours ago, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Board, currently meeting in Bern, Switzerland, decided to approve Malawi’s application to join the EITI. This is momentous as civil society and other stakeholders have been advocating for Malawi to join the global transparency standard since 2009 in a bid to ensure Malawi’s natural resource wealth is governed well.


The Board’s decision in full:

The EITI Board admits Malawi as an EITI candidate country on 22 October 2015. In accordance with the EITI Standard, Malawi is required to publish its first EITI Report within 18 months of becoming a candidate, i.e. by 22 April 2017. Malawi is required to publish an annual activity report for 2015 by 1 July 2016. Validation will commence within 2.5 years of becoming a candidate (by 22 April 2018).

In June 2014, the President of Malawi, Arthur Peter Mutharika, made a declaration to join the EITI in his inaugural address to the national assembly following the tripartite elections. Since then a multi-stakeholder group was formed, made up of four government institutions, four mining companies and four civil society organisations (see the full list below). This group has developed a work plan for the first two years of implementing the EITI and will oversee the activities with support of the MWEITI Secretariat in the Revenue Policy Division of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development. The Minister of this ministry, currently Goodall E. Gondwe, is EITI’s champion.

On receiving news of the EITI Board’s positive decision, the Minister remarked

Malawi welcomes the EITI Board’s announcement today which highlights the Government of Malawi’s commitment to ensuring natural resources are stewarded with transparency and accountability for this generation and the next. The announcement by the EITI Board marks the fulfillment of the vision and commitment made by the State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika regarding transparency and accountability of revenues generated from the extractive natural resources in Malawi.

Under President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, this administration made the commitment to its people in June 2014 to sign up to the EITI. The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development is privileged to be leading MWEITI with a committed, diligent multi-stakeholder group made up of relevant government stakeholders, civil society and the private sector. We are convinced that through EITI we will build trust between stakeholders and enhance sector governance resulting in improving the socio-economic outcomes for all Malawians through our natural resource wealth.

Clare Short, Chair of the EITI, said:

Membership of the EITI comes at an important time in Malawi’s development, as natural resources begin to be of macroeconomic importance. The Government of Malawi has made a commitment to transparency that will help the people of Malawi ensure that natural resources are managed for their benefit.

Both of EITI’s voluntary standards - contract transparency and beneficial ownership - are in the workplan, as the stakeholders hope to see more dialogue and greater information in the public domain on who controls which assets and on what terms.

Malawi will celebrate this milestone in improving natural resource wealth with a cocktail held this evening in Lilongwe at Capital Hotel.

For further information, take a look at Malawi’s page on the EITI website.

Name Title Organisation
Mr Crispin C. Kulemeka Director of Revenue Policy Division Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
Mr Charles Kaphwiyo Commissioner of Mining Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining
Mr Bartwell Chingoli Manager Exchange Control Programmes Reserve Bank of Malawi
Mr Charles Maseya Assistant Auditor General National Audit Office
Mr Alan Cumming General Manager Paladin Africa Ltd
Mr Neville Huxham Executive Manager Global Metals & Mining Ltd
Mr  Mesheck Munthali Director Bwanje Cement Co. Ltd
Mr Burton Kachinjika Country Manager Mkango Resources Ltd
Civil Society
Mrs Martha Khonje Country Director ActionAid Malawi
Mr Reinford Mwangonde Executive Director Citizen For Justice
Mr Success Sikwese Project Manager Extractives Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Mr Kossam Munthali Director Foundation for Community Support Services
Alternates – Government
Mr George C. Harawa Chief Economist Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
Mr Peter Chilumanga Deputy Director of Mines Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining
Mr Frank Chikuta Senior Economist Reserve Bank of Malawi
Mr George Chikwana Chief Auditor National Audit Office
Alternates – Industry
Mr Grain Malunga Consultant Paladin Africa Ltd
Mr Chris Ngwena Senior Geologist Global Metals & Mining Ltd
Mrs Dina Longwe Director Bwanje Cement Co. Ltd
Mr Chikondi Cheka Geologist Mkango Resources Ltd
Alternates – Civil Society
Mrs Elyvin Nkhonjera -Chawinga Mining Project Coordinator ActionAid Malawi
Mrs Rachel Etter-Phoya Head of Accountability, Policy and Programmes Citizen For Justice
Mr Chris Chisoni CCJP National Secretary Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Mr Jabess Nyirenda Deputy Director Foundation for Community Support Services


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