Event: Much-awaited results from Malawi’s Airborne Geophysical Survey to be launched (20 August 2015, Lilongwe)

2015-08 Launch of Geophysical Airborne Survey

Press Release: Official Launch of the Country Wide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data

The Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Natural Resources Energy and Mining has been conducting a countrywide high resolution airborne geophysical survey with the aim of acquiring new geophysical data. This exercise is within a component under the Mining Governance and Growth Support Project (MGGSP) which is co-financed by World Bank and European Union.

The survey commenced on 23rd September, 2013 with the process of data acquisition using low flying fixed wing aircrafts. By 28th June, 2015 the final geophysical data was submitted to the Ministry. The Department of Geological Surveys of Malawi partnered with Sander Geophysics Limited of Canada and British Geological Surveys international in the implementation of this important survey.

The Ministry would therefore like to inform the general public and prospective investors in the mineral sector that the geophysical data can now be accessed from the Geological Surveys Department from 24th August, 2015 and meanwhile the Ministry of Natural Resources Energy and Mining will be officially launching the Geophysical Data as follows:

Venue: Bingu International Conference Center (BICC)

Date: 20th August, 2015

Time: 09:00 am

This Official Launch of the Country wide high resolution Airborne Geophysical Data will be presided over by the Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, HON. BRIGHT MSAKA, S.C.

For further information contact the Public Relations Officer for mining by email to [email protected], or call 0992967481 during working hours.

B. Botolo


Chidziwitso Chochokela ku Unduna wa Zachilengedwe, Mphamvu za Magetsi ndi Migodi

Mwambo Wokhazikitsa Zotsatira za Kafukufuku wa Miyala ya Mtengo Wapatali

Boma la Malawi kudzera ku Unduna wa zachilengedwe, mphamvu za magetsi ndi migodi wakhala ukugwira ntchito yofufuza miyala ya mtengo wapatali pogwiritsa ntchito ndege zomwe zimauluka munsi. Ntchitoyi ili pansi pa Mining Governance and Growth Support Project (MGGSP) ndipo ikugwilidwa ndithandizo lochokela ku bungwe la Banki ya dziko lonse lapansi (World Bank) ndinso bungwe la mgwilizano wamayiko aku ulaya (European Union).

Kafukufukuyu adachitika kuyambira pa 23 September 2013 kufikila pa 28 June 2015. Makampani akunja otchedwa Sander Geophysics Limited, komanso British Geological Survey International ndi amene anagwirana manja ndi nthambi ya boma yoona za kafukufuku wa miyala ya mtengo wapatali, Geological Survey Department pochita kafukufukuyu m’malo mwa Unduna wa za Chilengedwe, Mphamvu za Magetsi ndi Migodi. Choncho, Undunawu uli wokondwa kudziwitsa mtundu wa a Malawi kuti ntchito imeneyi idamalizika ndipo zotsatila za Kauniuniyu zomwe pa chingerezi amatchula kuti Geophysical Data zidaperekedwa ku Undunawu, kotero Undunawu wakonza mwambo waukulu wokhazikitsa zotsatira za kafukufukuyu motere:

Malo : Bingu International Conference Centre

Tsiku : 20th August, 2015

Nthawi : 9:00 M’mawa

Mlendo wolemekezeka ku Mwambo umenewu ndi Nduna yoona za chilengedwe mphamvu za magetsi ndi migodi, Olemekezeka Bambo BRIGHT MSAKA S.C

Ngati mukufuna kudziwa zambiri za mwambowu lembani kalata kwa Wofalitsa nkhani za Migodi mu Undunawu pa keyala iyi [email protected], kapena imbani lamya pa +265992967481 nthawi yantchito.

B. Botolo



5 responses to “Event: Much-awaited results from Malawi’s Airborne Geophysical Survey to be launched (20 August 2015, Lilongwe)

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  2. A moving ant does more than a broken train!

    First things first, I must admit that I am not a politician, an economist, a philosopher or somebody in society welding so much power to carry out or influence any form of social engineering. However, because of my experience here and there and the ability of my two eyes to see and my million minds to mind, I might have enough thought to do some social theorizing. Suffice it to say that this is just mere theorizing. It is not my wish to influence change or any action apart from people thinking.

    My social theorizing will mostly focus on the big elephant in the room right now in Malawi and most African countries called foreign investment or attracting foreign Investors to Africa. Almost all African leaders who have a social media presence for those of us who surf their pages on say Facebook and elsewhere can notice that they are all in one or several shapes, forms or styles talking about attracting foreign investors to their respective countries. Malawian leaders are a good example. The government of Malawi recently -in the past two months also- held a Foreign Investors Forum with the view of attracting international companies to come and invest in Malawi. I want to contend that this strategy for economic growth is like expecting a broken train to do more than it can.
    Foreign investment is a soft version of colonialism and mercantilism. It always benefits the investor in the long run. A foreign investor will only invest where they are sure to reap some profit no matter how small. At the center of foreign investment is the entropy of the local businesses. The result of foreign investment in a country like Malawi is that big companies will come, use the cheap labor, natural resources and remit the profits to their respective homelands. In the end we lose even before the whole process begins.

    The direct antithesis of foreign investment that stands to benefit African economies as it is promoted now is African Companies investing in International Markets. Instead of African government inviting international companies to invest in Africa, they need to push African or local companies no matter how small they are to invest in International markets and in the world trade capitals like London, Dubai, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and many more. Only when our African companies hold shares, stakes and control some fraction of the global market will they be able to promote real development by remitting their proceeds to their home countries. Picture a situation where Companies like MuliBrothers, Katsonga’s AXA, and many more hold shares in global companies like Facebook, the newly formed APHABET or Google. This will enable our local economies and companies to speak with a global voice and compete with the big companies of this world.

    Just spreading your beautiful feathers and singing loudly to attract a mate is a complicated strategy to maintain your gene pool especially when there are so many other candidates competing for the same. Investors don’t just look for beauty and security of a country; they look for active and competitive environments. One small investment in an international market is better than one big foreign investment that might not come at all. It is better to start small by investing outside than waiting for someone to come. The key is to start small and grow.

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