Improve the way we report stories in Malawi: Open Data Bootcamp in Lilongwe, 12-14 June 2013

Sourcing, analysing and using data are necessary to tell informed stories. Journalists in Malawi often face difficulties in sourcing reliable data and using this in reportage. This is particularly apparent in the lack of robust evidence and analysis of Malawi’s mining sector. Next week in Lilongwe, journalists, civic activists, coders and digital creatives will attend the Malawi Data Bootcamp (d|bootcamp), 12-14 June 2013, to learn how to find, extract, and analyse public data and use powerful forensic tools.

The d|bootcamp is “an intensive, hands-on training course, using team-based project work, to quickly teach technical skills” with a focus on equipping hacks (journalists) and hackers (technologists) with the most important tools and techniques required to analyse spending information.The African Media Initiative and The World Bank Institute pioneered the first d|bootcamp in Kenya in January 2012, which have since been delivered across the world resulting in many civic media projects. Participants at the Kenya d|bootcamp created and launched ‘community scorecards‘ to monitor financial flows at the county level in Kenya.

Malawi’s first d|bootcamp will take place at the Kamuzu College of Nursing in Lilongwe. The four session leaders are Johannes Kiess, Operations Officer for the Mapping for Results initiative in the Innovation Practice at the World Bank Institute, Zeria Banda, Communications Officer at the World Bank, based in Lilongwe, Mark de Blois, Managing Director of Upande Ltd, a consulting firm which provides advisory and technical development services, and Sam Lee, a member of the World Bank Finances team. A full list of speakers and their biographies is available online.

According to the implementer, The Open Institute, and partners, Development GatewayGoogle, the World Bank Institute and the African Media Initiative, teams will build new-driven mobile apps and civic engagement website to augment traditional news reportage in Malawi. The best projects will win USD 1000 as a seed grant to turn prototypes into real newsroom products. Participants will also be introduced to the Open Aid Partnership, Poderopedia, Socrata and Feowl, and through hands-on activities, HacksHackers will learn where to find data, and analyse, visualise and write about it.

Register online to participate in this exciting initiative.

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