Anti-Corruption Bureau investigating allegations that Paladin paid bribes to senior officials

In November 2012, the Member of Parliament for Thyolo Thava Lifred Nawena claimed in the National Assembly that a few days earlier a top government official’s child had received MWK 40 million (approx. USD 121,500) from the managers of Paladin Africa Ltd. Paladin responded to the accusations and said they were unfounded and that bribery is a breach of company policy.

We blogged that MP Nawena, if he had evidence, should have lodged a report of corruption with Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), otherwise, was he just crying wolf? According to correspondence between Nyasa Times and Paladin, the company approached the ACB instead of the MP.

However, Nyasa Times has since reported that the ACB has not been contacted by the company to investigate the allegations.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) said it has not received a complaint from Australian uranium miner Paladin, alleging corrupt practices by the ruling People’s Party top brass and an unnamed journalist despite Paladin general manager for international affairs, Greg Walker insisting he informed ACB. [...]

ACB’s Senior Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala said ACB has not received the complaint on the senior government official soliciting bribes but that is was reviewing the complaint by Paladin on MP Nawena’s allegations to determine whether there is merit to warrant the Bureau’s action. [...]

The only complaint the Bureau has is in relation to the fact that Paladin was defamed by Honourable Nawena in Parliament by alleging that the company was corrupt.

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