Your chance to comment on Sovereign Metals’ Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for Malingunde Graphite Project

Company ESIA

Sovereign Metals is exploring a site for a potential graphite mine in Malingunde, Lilongwe. The draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is now available for your comments. Take a look at the collection of documents here.

From the company:

Sovereign Metals Limited (Sovereign) is currently conducting a number of technical studies, which will culminate in a definitive feasibility study (“DFS”), to determine the viability of developing the natural flake graphite deposit at Malingunde in central Malawi, 20 km southwest of Lilongwe Boma.

In addition to the DFS, Sovereign commenced the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) process in 2017 as required by the Environment Management Act (EMA), (Act No 19 of 2017). The environmental scoping phase of the ESIA was completed in April 2018 after the environmental scoping report (ESR) was presented to stakeholders for comment and review. The ESR was submitted to the Malawi Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) in May 2018, and the terms of reference for the ESIA phase was approved by them in June 2018. Notifications were distributed in December 2018 communicating the delay in finalising the specialist assessments required for the ESIA.

We are pleased to announce that the draft environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) report is now complete and will be available for your review and comments from 13 May to 24 June 2019.

You are invited to review the report and can access a copy at the following places:
a) Electronic copy:
b) Offices of C12 – Office Number 7, Skyband Complex, off Paul Kagame Rd, Lilongwe
c) Environmental Affairs Department (EAD)
d) Lilongwe District Council Offices
e) Offices of the Traditional Authority for the Malingunde area

Meetings will be held from 10 to 14 June 2019 with various stakeholders to discuss the findings of the draft ESIA report, and to obtain your views and comments on the impacts. Notifications, with details of the date, time and venue of the meetings, will be sent to you in due course. However should you wish to attend any of these meetings, please register your interest with the stakeholder engagement

Comments on the draft environmental and social impact assessment report must be submitted in writing (either by email on in hard copy) to the stakeholder engagement consultants by 24 June 2019.

All comments, issues and queries raised will be incorporated in the final ESIA report which will be submitted to the EAD in July 2019.

Should you have any additional comments or queries, these can be directed to the stakeholder engage ment consultants as follows:

Anelle Lötter
PO Box 30523, CC3, Lilongwe, Malawi

Grace Mpinganjira,
Tel: +265 998 521 663/+265 881 409 466


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