Malawi’s oil prospects – Mining & Trade Review (Jan 2019)

The Malawi Mining & Trade Review January 2019 edition is available for download.

Main stories:

  • Malawi’s oil prospects
  • A review of projects in 2018
  • Gemstone Association of Malawi calls on government for more support
  • Cement Products Ltd corporate social responsibility projects
  • Ignatius Kamwanje provides an explainer on geophysics and geophysical surveys in mineral exploration, an important addition as
    • Globe Metals and Mining has just completed an updated feasibility study (see here on Kanyika Niobium Project, Mzimba)
    • Mkango Resources is well on its way to completing its feasibility study for Songwe Hill Rare Earths Project, Phalombe
    • Sovereign Metals makes headway on raising finance for a feasibility study of Malingunde Graphite Project, Lilongwe. Take a look at the presentation they recently gave during the 121 Mining Investment meetings in Cape Town earlier this month.
  • Grain Malunga examines gold prospects in Malawi, as artisanal and small-scale mining continues at rush sites.
  • And there’s a final word on Malawi’s new Mines and Minerals Act that the Malawi government has the option to take up to 10% free equity in large-scale mining project (in reality the local subsidiary of a multinational). This is not the most reliable way to raise revenue or leverage influence on a mining company or project, even if it sounds good. So let’s proceed cautiously on this, especially if we acquire this so-called ‘free’ equity in exchange for reducing other tax rates as was done in the case of the agreement for Kayelekera Uranium Mine.

201901 Malawi Mining & Trade Review Oil cartoon


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