Malawi’s oil prospects – Mining & Trade Review (Jan 2019)

The Malawi Mining & Trade Review January 2019 edition is available for download.

Main stories:

  • Malawi’s oil prospects
  • A review of projects in 2018
  • Gemstone Association of Malawi calls on government for more support
  • Cement Products Ltd corporate social responsibility projects
  • Ignatius Kamwanje provides an explainer on geophysics and geophysical surveys in mineral exploration, an important addition as
    • Globe Metals and Mining has just completed an updated feasibility study (see here on Kanyika Niobium Project, Mzimba)
    • Mkango Resources is well on its way to completing its feasibility study for Songwe Hill Rare Earths Project, Phalombe
    • Sovereign Metals makes headway on raising finance for a feasibility study of Malingunde Graphite Project, Lilongwe. Take a look at the presentation they recently gave during the 121 Mining Investment meetings in Cape Town earlier this month.
  • Grain Malunga examines gold prospects in Malawi, as artisanal and small-scale mining continues at rush sites.
  • And there’s a final word on Malawi’s new Mines and Minerals Act that the Malawi government has the option to take up to 10% free equity in large-scale mining project (in reality the local subsidiary of a multinational). This is not the most reliable way to raise revenue or leverage influence on a mining company or project, even if it sounds good. So let’s proceed cautiously on this, especially if we acquire this so-called ‘free’ equity in exchange for reducing other tax rates as was done in the case of the agreement for Kayelekera Uranium Mine.

201901 Malawi Mining & Trade Review Oil cartoon

6 responses to “Malawi’s oil prospects – Mining & Trade Review (Jan 2019)

  1. As a citizen of Malawi, am very concerned on the way how people exproring minerals in Malawi without following laws of mining.This brings alot of challenges when it comes to environmental essues and as Malawians we need to do something to protect our environment lather than living our greedy politicians to control it.

  2. Why is the Malawi Government awarding gold mining exploration to Mota Engil and not the indigenous Malawian entrepreneurs, who have been waiting for over a year to be awarded mining licence?

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