Malawi’s new EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group

201803 MWEITI MSG 2

Malawi’s EITI Multi-stakeholder group 2018-2020 (courtesy of MWEITI)

A new multi-stakeholder group (MSG) is in place for Malawi’s Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative that aims at ‘National sustainable development through revenue transparency‘. This group comprises representatives from government, the private sector and civil society that are responsible for overseeing the implementation of EITI in Malawi. The first group was in place for 3 years and I had the privilege to represent civil society for 2.5 years.

Each year, an EITI report is produced that reconciles payment information on the forestry, mining and petroleum sector and provides a series of recommendations. The first report was finalised last April and the next one is expected in two months and should include information on what progress Malawi has made in governing its resources.

I wrote three short posts about last year’s report

For the next three years, the different stakeholder groups have selected as representatives:

Government (typically less/no changes)

  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (remains same)
  • Department of Mines (remains same)
  • Malawi Revenue Authority (new – had been permanent observer in first MSG)
  • Reserve Bank of Malawi (remains same)
  • Office of the Auditor General (remains same)

Private sector

  • Bwanje Cement Company (remains same)
  • Shayona Cement Corporation (new)
  • Sovereign Metals (new)
  • Mkango Resources (remains same)

This means Paladin and Globe Metals & Mining are no longer sitting on the MSG.

Civil society

Take a look at their announcement letter here.

  • Foundation for Community Support Services (remains same)
  • CCAP Livingstonia  Synod – Church & Society Programme (new; chair of Publish What You Pay Malawi)
  • Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (new; host of Publish What You Pay Malawi)
  • Oxfam Malawi (new)

This means ActionAid Malawi, Citizens for Justice, and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace have been replaced.

Now that the new group is in place, they will be tasked with developing a new fully-costed work plan and ensuring recommendations are translated into action.

MWEITI shared the news via Twitter:

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